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19" frame for 4 media converters

frame for inclusion of max. 4 fiber optic converters in a 19" distribution rack (1HU). For Fast and Gigabit Ethernet media converters of product groups 0961177 0961205 0961300D 0961300M 0961310 0961310C 0961311FX 0961311LX 0961350R and 0961351C without power supply (frame with power supply see item 09613989)
19" frame for 4 media converters without power supply

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   1 piece(s)     76.44 EUR 
  30 piece(s)     73.32 EUR 
 200 piece(s)     68.64 EUR 
 + VAT (German customers)   
19" frame for 4 media converters
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