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Industrial fiber optic converter RS-422 2x multimode 1300nm ST

EIA-422 (RS-422) fiber optic transceiver (media converter) for active coupling of RS-422 FDX 4-wire lines with 2x multimode fiber optic lines for constructing a fiber optic data bus (fieldbus). Full duplex. Ports: Electrical 9-pin Sub-D socket (female), optical ST / BFOC connector, wavelength 1300nm. DIN rail mountable, casing stainless steel, powder coated, dimensions 115x61x113mm (HxWxD), input voltage 18..30V DC, operating temperature -10..+55°C.
RS422 fiber optic converter 2x multimode 1300nm ST / BFOC

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Industrial fiber optic converter RS-422 2x multimode 1300nm ST
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