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Industrial 4-channel multiplexer, 4x RS-232, 1x multimode SC

4-channel EIA-232 (RS-232) fiber optic multiplexer asynchronous with 1x 9pin Sub-D port socket (female) for 4x RS-232 FDX Xon/Xoff or 1x RS-232 with complete hardware handshake, 115,2KBit/s per channel and 1x multimode fiber optic port, wavelength 1300nm, connector SC, full duplex, 35mm DIN rail mountable, casing stainless steel, powder coated, dimensions 115x61x113mm (HxWxD), input voltage 12..30V DC, operating temperature -10..+55°C.
4-channel RS-232 fiber optic multiplexer multimode 1300nm SC

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   1 piece(s)    401.08 EUR 
  15 piece(s)    384.13 EUR 
  50 piece(s)    370.01 EUR 
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Industrial 4-channel multiplexer, 4x RS-232, 1x multimode SC
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