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Fiber optic cable, made to order: patchcord, simplex and duplex, multimode and singlemode (monomode), OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2, PC, UPC and APC/HRL polish - other fiber optic connectors on request - VF45 Volition under P/N11020...

fiber optic connector

fiber optic connector

Cut/polish    standard polish = PC
number of cables: piece(s)
cable length: m
fiber type:     Please note: If fiber optic cables are connected by adapters, the core diameter has necessarily to match (62.5 / 50 / 9 Ám). You find the information at the cable lable. For new installations of multimode lines we recommend 50/125 Ám.  OM2: usable up to Gigabit Ethernet OM3: usable up to 10GB Ethernet OS1/OS2 singlemode 9/125Ám for long distances.
number of fibers/
cable type:    I-V(ZN)HH flat duplex: Duplex cable with additional jacket. The jacket provides additional protection, but is not applicable for tension (like e.g. P/N. 018600004)
 Quantity         Price
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