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Technical data on item group 1144614
Industrial PoE splitter 12W IEEE 802.3af with overvoltage prote

Industrial PoE splitter 12W IEEE 802.3af with overvoltage prote
The Industrial Fast Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet) splitter provides data connection and up to 12W operating current for Fast Ethernet devices according to IEEE 802.3af standard for devices without PoE input port (PD). The power is supplied by DC barrel connector.
Integrated mounting holes enable wall mounting without additional Panels or mounting on 35mm DIN rail in combination with snap-in elements.

Technical data
ProductIndustrial Fast Ethernet PoE splitter according to IEEE 802.3af
Port(s) electrical1x 10/100MBit/s 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
PoE ports12W according to IEEE 802.3af
Pin assignment PoE
PIN Symbol description
1Rx+data receive
2Rx-data receive
3Tx+data transmit
4NCnot connected
5NCnot connected
6Tx-data transmit
7NCnot connected
8NCnot connected
LEDsgreen: PoE according to IEEE 802.3af
Materialplastic (ABS)
dimensions TxBxH85x76x36mm
Mounting35mm DIN rail and wall mountable
Power requirementsInput:
Input voltage: IEEE 802.3af -42V .. -60V DC (normal = -48V DC)
power down at undervoltage: -30V DC

item 114461405 114461409 114461412 114461424
voltage +5V+9V+12V+24V
Max. load2.04A
Efficiencymin. 78% @ -48Vin DC
Operating temperature-40°C .. +75°C
CoolingFanless - Free air cooling
Storage temperature-40°C .. +85°C
relative humidity
(non condensing)
5% .. 90%
ComplianceCE / FCC / CB / UL approved
Operation frequency:100KHz min.
isolation Voltage:1500 Vrms
isolation Resistance:100M ohms min.
input Set class Resistance: 25K ohms

Auto reset with short circuit against GND at output port
Country of originTaiwan
Ordering information item
114461403PoE splitter 3.3V DC 12W 3.63A -25..+60°C
114461405PoE splitter 5V DC 12W 2.4A -25..+60°C
114461409PoE splitter 9V DC 12W 1.33A -25..+60°C
114461412PoE splitter 12V DC 12W 1.0A -25..+60°C
114461424PoE splitter 24V DC 12W 0.5A -25..+60°C
114461503PoE splitter 3.3V DC 12W 3.63A -25..+60°C for DIN rail
114461505PoE splitter 5V DC 12W 2.4A -25..+60°C for DIN rail
114461509PoE splitter 9V DC 12W 1.33A -25..+60°C for DIN rail
114461512PoE splitter 12V DC 12W 1.0A -25..+60°C for DIN rail
114461524PoE splitter 24V DC 12W 0.5A -25..+60°C for DIN rail
Ordering information Accessories
000100001DC cable 20cm with DC socket for screw terminal
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