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Technical data on item group 09925020
USB RS-232 fiber optic converter POF 650nm RP-02

USB RS-232 fiber optic converter POF 650nm RP-02
Production machines in industrial companies, heating systems, air control, computers, scales, control systems, devices for measurement data acquisition etc. often have a serial RS-232 interface for data communication. Most modern, portable computers do not have a serial port, but are equipped with USB-ports. UBF has an USB to RS-232 fiber optic converter in its product range, in order to realize a quick and easy serial port extension.
The USB converter can easily be used for many applications. It ensures electromagnetic separation between RS-232 interfaces, allowing extension of existing RS-232 connections over long distances and interference-free data transmission even under difficult environment conditions.

Technical data
ProductUSB RS-232 fiber optic converter
Port(s) electricalUSB-A
Port(s) opticalpolymer optical fiber (POF)
connector RP-02
TransmissionFDX full duplex
Bit rate0 .. 921600 Bit/s
LEDsPower Good
Receive Data
Power requirementsUSB
EN50082-2 (industry)
Country of originGermany
Ordering information item
099250201USB RS-232 fiber optic converter POF 650nm RP-02
Ordering information Accessories
099284301Polymer optical fiber duplex cable 1,00m 2.2x4.4mm RP02/RP02
099284302Polymer optical fiber duplex cable 2,00m 2.2x4.4mm RP02/RP02
099284303Polymer optical fiber duplex cable 3,00m 2.2x4.4mm RP02/RP02
099236092RS-232 f/o converter DTE socket (f), POF ST / BFOC, 660nm
099290202RP-02 connector for 2.2mm POF cable
Dimensional drawing
dimensional drawing 09925020 USB RS-232 fiber optic converter POF 650nm RP-02
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