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Technical data on item group 099223252
RS-232 FDX f/o bus converter 2x f/o port POF or multimode

RS-232 FDX f/o bus converter 2x f/o port POF or multimode
The RS-232 3-port fiber optic bus converter is a compact Modem for transmission of an asynchronous RS-232 data channel in full-duplex operation. The combination of several devices allows the realization of an interference free RS-232 bus system based on fiber optic transmission. The compact and rugged casing, the extended temperature range of -40°C up to +80°C and the DIN rail mounting option allow the operation under harsh industrial environment conditions.

Technical data
ProductRS-232 fiber optic bus converter full duplex D-Sub25 POF and multimode fiber optic
Port(s) electricalRS-232-C / V24
25-pin. Sub-D socket (f)
Uin >= +3V = '0' -> opt. Out = On
Uin <= -3V = '1' -> opt. Out = Off
Port(s) optical099221524 / 09923224R: Multimode ST / BFOC 850nm
099221523 / 09923223R: Multimode F-SMA 850nm
099221522 / 09923222R: POF ST / BFOC 660nm
099221521 / 09923221R: POF opto clamp 650nm
TransmissionFDX full duplex
Bit rate0 .. 120 kBit/s
CasingMetal case
IP ratingIP40
DimensionsLxWxH 72x55x20 mm
Weightca. 150 g
Power requirements9V ... 30V DC at screw terminal
+5V via Sub-D pin 18
Operating temperature-40°C .. +80°C
ComplianceEN 55022 / EN 50081-1
EN 55024 / EN 50082-1
EN 50082-2
Country of originGermany
Ordering information item
099221524RS-232 f/o converter bus multimode 850nm ST/BFOC SubD-25 socket
09923224RRS-232 f/o bus converter multimode 850nm ST SubD-25 DIN rail
099221523RS-232 f/o converter bus multimode 850nm FSMA SubD-25 socket
09923223RRS-232 f/o bus converter multimode 850nm F-SMA SubD-25 DIN rail
099221522RS-232 FDX f/o converter bus POF 660nm ST / BFOC SubD-25 socket
09923222RRS-232 f/o bus converter POF 660nm ST SubD-25 socket DIN rail
099221521RS-232 f/o converter bus FDX POF 660nm F-SMA SubD-25 socket
09923221RRS-232 f/o bus converter POF 660nm FSMA SubD-25 socket DIN rail
Ordering information Accessories
10154524RPower supply DIN rail mountable 24V DC 45W/2A
079866446DIN rail power supply 24VDC 1.3 A
079866271DC-DC converter primary switched, 48-60V DC -> 24V DC, DIN rail
099290111EU plug power supply with ferrule termination
063600001DIN rail installation panel for 19 inch distribution rack
Dimensional drawing
dimensional drawing 099223252 RS-232 FDX f/o bus converter 2x f/o port POF or multimode
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